Real Property Assessment

Idaho law requires that each property be physically reappraised by the Assessor’s office at least once every five years. In order to promote uniform assessment, property that is not part of the five year reappraisal cycle is reviewed annually. The Assessor’s office is to place value on property that represents typical sale and/or purchase prices of similar properties. All property is assessed as of January 1st.

The Assessor is required to have an accurate and complete plat book of land in the county, with ownership records kept up-to-date.

Personal Property Assessment

All personal property is reassessed each year by the Assessor’s office. The items included are business furniture, and fixtures, transient personal property such as road building, construction, logging and mining equipment.

Property Assessment Notifications and Appeals

Owners of property in Valley County receive their assessment notices early in June, which notifies them of the current year’s market value for their property. In addition to the new assessed value, the assessment notice also shows the previous year’s value. Property owners are encouraged to review the assessment notice as soon as it is received. Anyone with questions about the assessment or the appeals process should contact the Assessor’s office.

For a meaningful and productive appeal, the property owner should supply evidence that establishes error in the appraisal of the property. It is important to employ comparables as close as possible to the subject and to consider age, type, and condition. Sales occurring this year will be considered for next year’s assessment. It is essential to understand the definition of typical when supplying information to the Assessor. When several comparable properties sell, the Assessor applies the average or typical values gathered from such data in determining the assessment.

How to Read Your Assessment Notice





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