Information Technology

IT Department Mission

The mission of the Valley County IT Department is to deliver efficient, reliable, and cost effective information technology solutions to meet the expectations of the communities we serve. The IT Department is customer focused, whether the customer is the public or county employees.

IT Infrastructure and Responsibilities

The IT Department manages and supports a system of networks and networked devices spread over 360 square miles.  This system encompasses over 240 devices spanning multiple networks with layers of interconnectivity between state and local governments. The IT department provides 24/7 coverage for 911 Dispatch and emergency support for the Valley County Emergency Operations Center.

IT Department Guiding Principles

• Develop and continually improve existing infrastructure and processes.

• Deploy technology that matches current and anticipated future needs.

• Adhere to standards to decrease cost, complexity and maintain interoperability between systems

• Maintain and continue to improve training for IT and county employees


IT Director

Phone: (208) 382-7113

IT Network Administrator

Jeremy Wilcox

IT Analyst

Sean Reilly

GIS Analyst

Kara Utter

IT Support Technician

Tamara Spargur