Grooming Reports and Maps

Avalanche Information:   (208-630-0409)

Do not drive your wheeled vehicles on groomed roads. Wheeled vehicles are apt to get stuck and the ruts will make the groomed trails melt more quickly. As a result, you may be charged for being on a groomed trail with a non-tracked vehicle without a snowmobile sticker and for the cost of re-grooming the trail.

Groom reports are not in real-time. Because grooming occurs at night, groomed dates reflect the previous night’s activity.

Route Locations

Groomed Date

Smith's Ferry Area Routes
697 Road 3/21/2019
Packer John 689 Road          3/2/2019
Murray Creek 696 Road         3/2/2019
644 -to-645-to-626
-to-627-to-626H (Tripod)


Parking Lot Information

  • Titus Lot ( aka Upper Elevation) is just below Brundage Mountain Ski Area.
  • Francis Wallace Lot is on Warren Wagon Road, 9 miles north of Highway 55.
  • West Face Lot is at Bear Creek Lodge, west of McCall, west side of Hwy 55.
  • Donnelly Lot is on West Mountain Road, north of Tamarack Falls.

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Valley County Recreation Director

Larry Laxon

Above Image: New Anderson Creek Beacon Station.