Updated 4-18-2017

Avalanche info:  www.payetteavalanche.org or 208-630-0409

beacon station

 Picture of beacon station at Anderson Creek.  

Red Ridge will not be groomed 2016-17.  USFS 626 will be opened which runs parallel to Red Ridge approximately 50 yards to the west.  Access point will be signed soon.  Please respect private property.


Trail Location

Last Groomed

Francis Wallace Lot    (FW)

Wallace Lot to Secesh Summit 4-15-2017
Secesh Summit to Burgdorf 4-15-2017
Secesh Summit to Secesh Stage Stop 3-17-2017
Secesh Meadows to Warren 3-17-2017
Francis Wallace to Brush Creek Loop 3-13-2017
Francis Wallace to Pearl Turn Off 3-13-2017
Pearl Creek 3-13-2017

FW, Titus, WestFace, Wallace Lane

Francis Wallace Lot to Titus Lot 3-6-2017
Francis Wallace Lot to Copet Creek Summit  U,T 3-9-2017  
Copet Creek Summit to Sater Meadows 3-9-2017
Copet Creek Summit to Brundage Reservoir to Goose Lake (T, V, X, Y) 3-9-2017
Titus Lot to Sater Meadows  (X,V, W) 3-25-2017
Sater Meadows to Fisher Creek Saddle (W) 3-12-2017
Sater Meadows to Granite Lake (W) 3-12-2017
Green Gate Lot to Sater Meadows (W) 3-25-2017
Titus Lot to Brundage Reservoir (X) & Goose Lake (Y) 3-24-2017 
Titus Lot to Copet Creek Summit (X, V, T) 3-25-2017
Titus Lot to Association Cabin (Y) 4-15-2017
Association Cabin to Hazards Lakes to Clayborn trailhead 4-1-2017
Goose Lake to Wallace Lane Lot in Adams County (Y, Z) 3-11-2017
Copet Summit to Brundage Mtn Lookout (S, R) 3-25-2017
Copet Summit to Green Gate parking lot (T, S) 3-2-2017 *note route change from last year*
Copet Summit to West Face Lot (Hwy 55) (S,R,Q,P) 3----2017
West Face Lot to Titus Lot (P,Q) 3-19-2017

Donnelly Lot

West Face Lot to Red Ridge  (P,N) 
West Face to Fish Lake to Blue Bunch (N,M,J,E) 1-24-2017
West Mtn lot north (A) to Burnt Tree 3-24-2017
Donnelly lot to No Business Saddle (H,G) 3-25-2017
No Business Saddle to White Lick (H,G,F) 3-25-2017
Road 218 to Weiser River back to White Lick to No Business Saddle or the Little Creek Loop 3-25-2017
No Business Saddle to Little 4 Corners (G,F,E) 3-17-2017
No Business Lookout 3-17-2017
Little 4 to Red Ridge to N,E,D,C,O,N Red Ridge will not be groomed 2016-17
Red Ridge to Fish Lake bypass,D,M,N 
Sunflower Flats O, B, A, C 
Little 4 Corners (E) to Blue Bunch (J) 3-2-2017
Blue Bunch (J) to Red Ridge 1-5-2017
No Business Saddle to Cabin Creek & Indian Creek 1-24-2107
Little 4 Corners (E) to Dry Beaver Gulch (to Pine Ridge CafĂ©) 2-2-2017
Little 4 Corners (E) to Mill Creek (L) 2-25-2017
Little 4 Corners (E) to Deseret Cabin turnoff (Council Mountain Bowls) 3-17-2017

Cascade Area

Anderson Creek to 4 Corners (saddle)  (AA to AB) 3-24-2017
4 Corners to Sheep Creek (AB to AC) 3-3-2017
Sheep Creek to Mica Saddle  (AC to AF) 3-2-2017
Mica Saddle to White Licks (AF to I) 1-20-2017
4 Corners to Burnt Tree 3-24-2017
Lady Bug area 
Warm Lake to Landmark 2-28-2017
Johnson Cr Rd - Landmark to Wapiti Meadows 
Landmark to Deadwood Summit 2-28-2017
Landmark to Sulfur Creek and Mud Creek 2-28-2017
Clear Creek to Cougar Rock to Warm Lake 1-24-2017

Smiths Ferry Area

697 Road 
Packer John 689 Road 1-24-2017
Murray Creek 696 Road 
644 to 645 to 626 to 627 to 626H (Tripod, Carbody)  3-8-2017
 To Sage Hen Loop  2-22-2017

The Titus Lot ( aka Upper Elevation) is just below Brundage Mountain Ski Area.

The Francis Wallace Lot is on Warren Wagon Road, 9 miles north of Highway 55.

The West Face Lot is near Bear Creek Lodge, west of McCall, east side of Hwy 55.

The Donnelly Lot is on West Mountain Road, north of Tamarack Falls.  At Donnelly go west on West Roseberry Road, turn north at the intersection with West Mountain Road, and continue to the end of the plowed road.

Grooming is typically done at night so the date usually reflects what was groomed the previous night.

Trail Maps - McCall & Donnelly area

Trail Map - Cascade & Smiths Ferry area

Trail Map - Warm Lake & Johnson Creek areas

USFS Winter Travel Map Updates

Please be advised that since the printing of the "2016 Winter Travel Map Payette National Forest" there have been changes to sections of the groomed routes, changes in private land ownerships, and the discovery of printing errors.  Changes and corrections can be found at https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/payette/home/?cid=stelprdb5112468&width=full

Changes in land ownership have led to route changes departing from the Green Gate parking Lot. 

Be advised that permission to use routes that pass thru private lands may have changed or may change in the future.  Please be respectful of private lands.