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The process for the Plan is one that fully involves the entire community to define measurable and realistic implementation strategies to achieve the Waterways vision.

Planning Process

There are four phases of the Waterways Management Plan. The Plan is anticipated to take approximately 18 months to complete.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) will inform the Plan process and serve as an advocate for both process and the plan. They will provide high-level policy direction and fatal flaw reviews and are the ultimate adopters of the Plan. Last but not least, the SC will also help with the outreach process by encouraging community members to get involved.

This group will consist of county commissioner and city council representatives. They will meet three times throughout the process. Additional presentations will be made to the full boards and commissions throughout the process.

Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is made up of the many agency partners that are involved in the day-to-day management of the reservoir and lakes, and have a role in management or oversight of the properties. They will provide technical input to the development of the plan, bringing together agency best management practices and a holistic view of the waterways management. The group will meet four times throughout the project and will be responsible for input to the Current Trends Report and authoring the key indicators in the Adaptive Management Plan. The group may be organized to match the working groups being identified through the Valley County Soil and Water Conservation District efforts.

Stakeholder Ad Hoc Groups

The SC and TAG will help refine the ad hoc stakeholder lists. The groups are generally grouped in three primary interests – recreation, land/homeowner, and natural resources. They will consist of recreational individual users and groups, marina owners, adjacent landowners, Chamber of Commerce, resource interest groups, etc. Meetings will occur as needed and may further be refined by reservoir/lake for discussions on specific waterways.


For more information:

Reach out to the project management team:

Kristina Kachur, Logan Simpson, Consultant Program Manager,

Cynda Herrick, Valley County, Project Manager,

Michelle Groenevelt, City of McCall, Project Manager,