Jury Duty

Jury duty is an essential element of the American judicial system. Trial by jury is provided as a constitutional right and, therefore, jury duty is a privilege and responsibility of every United States citizen. By Idaho state law, jurors are selected at random from a master list generated in each county from driver’s license and voter registration records.

Jurors may be called to serve in either the District Court or Magistrate Court in Valley County. A District Court juror will be called to hear civil cases involving over $10,000.00 or felony criminal cases. Magistrate Court jurors will hear civil cases involving less than $10,000.00 or misdemeanor criminal cases.

The law affecting jury service is Idaho Code 2-201 through 2-221.

Valley County’s Jury Commissioner is Tammy Angier.
Email:  jury@co.valley.id.us
Phone: (208) 382-7185
Fax: (208) 382-7184

Physical Address:
Valley County Court House
219 Main Street
Cascade, Idaho 83611

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1350, Cascade, Idaho 83611

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When you are called to serve
Notice of Jury Duty

When you receive a Jury Qualification Questionnaire for jury duty, you should fill it out and return it immediately. If you would like to request a delay, you must submit your request in writing and return with the questionnaire. A Jury Questionnaire form can be accessed here. This can be electronically filled and printed to sign and mail to the Jury Commissioner. You may save the completed form for your own records. After printing and needed signatures applied, mail to:

Valley County Jury Commissioner
PO Box 1350
Cascade, ID 83611


The master list is a combination of eligible Valley County residents ages 18 and over. This list is created primarily through driver’s license and voter registration records as well as other such lists as prescribed by Idaho Law. The master list is a combination of eligible Valley County residents ages 18 and over. This list is created primarily through driver’s license and voter registration records as well as other such lists as prescribed by Idaho Law.

Statutory Disqualification

A juror is not qualified to serve if the individual:

      • is less than 18 years of age
      • is not a citizen of the United States
      • is not a resident of Valley County
      • is not able to communicate in the English language
      • has been convicted of a felony and is currently on probation or parole
Excuse or Postponement

All citizens of Idaho are required to serve on Jury Duty when called except when the prospective juror:

      • has exceeded 70 years of age and declines to serve
      • is permanently excused for medical reasons by a physician

In order to receive a permanent medical excuse or temporary medical delay, you must submit a signed Doctor’s Certificate (located on the bottom of the delay statement form). You may also receive a temporary medical delay of 2 years for being a family caregiver by submitting a signed note from a doctor explaining your situation.

If you anticipate legitimate scheduling problems such as unusual work situations or vacation plans you may delay your service for up to six months. If you are a nursing mother you may delay your service six months or longer, if necessary. If you are seeking a delay, you must fill out the Delay Statement form and return it with your completed questionnaire.


Summons are sent to prospective jurors approximately 6 weeks prior to term of service along with the Jury Qualification Questionnaire. All Jurors are considered qualified until informed otherwise and must appear for jury service.

The day before your set service date you should call the Jury Commissioner’s office, (208) 382-7178, and listen to the recording to find out if and when you need to come in to serve. If your panel has been dismissed, you do not need to come in and your jury service is considered complete. If your panel is still active, listen for the date and time you need to be present at the Courthouse. This recording will be available every day at 4:00 pm until the next morning at 9:00 am.

Length of Service

The term of service is two months. However, most jurors serve only 2-4 days in a term. Some cases may extend beyond the term. The selected juror will serve on that specific case until it has been completed.


Juror information is considered confidential. It will not be released unless by order of the court in which the juror has served on a trial.


Jurors may park in the lot across from the Courthouse.

A.D.A. Accommodations

Handicapped parking is available in front of the Courthouse. Wheelchairs can be accommodated in jury boxes. A system to aid hearing-impaired individuals is in place in each jury courtroom.

No Smoking Allowed

All court buildings are non-smoking facilities, and jurors are required to exit the building for smoking breaks. Serving jurors will be accompanied by their bailiff for smoke breaks.

Delay in Process

There are time delays in court sessions, so you should be prepared to wait. If we know about delays, we will keep you informed. You may wish to bring a book or other reading material to read during those breaks. However, the courts request that jurors neither listen to nor read any media publications or accounts regarding any court cases.

After you have served

Jurors shall be paid $33.00 per day of actual court attendance. $16.50 shall be paid for 4 hours or less of actual court attendance. A mileage rate is also payable. This rate is prescribed by the Valley County Commissioners and can vary from year to year. Payment is for travel performed from place of residence in Valley County to the Courthouse and return. Payment for both juror per diem fees and mileage fees will be mailed following completion of service. A check should be expected within 3 weeks of service.

Salary/Wage Reimbursement

Some places of employment pay regular wages while an individual is serving on jury duty. This is NOT a requirement, however, and the decision to pay wages is entirely up to the business. If an employer does pay during absence due to jury duty, they will normally require that you give them your jury check upon receipt. Jurors may need to check with their employer to see if their business reimburses wages while they are absent for jury duty.

Pay Discrepancy

Sometimes there are complications with receiving jury pay, such as incorrect address, inability to deliver mail, or lost checks. If jury payment has not been received within 5 weeks from the date of service, the juror should call the Jury Commissioner’s office: (208) 382-7178.

Verification for Work

Employment verification for days served are available, upon request, through the Jury Commissioner’s office. Employers often expect that jurors return to work in the event of early release from jury service on any given day. Make sure you check your employer’s policy, as verification cannot be provided except for time actually spent at the courthouse.

Excused from Service for at Least Two Years

Once you have been assigned to a term, whether or not you are required to actually come to the Courthouse and serve, you are excused from jury service for at least two years. After two years your name will be returned to the master list from which jurors are selected at random. If you feel that you have been called to serve less than two years after a previous service date, please mail in a note with your questionnaire asking to have your juror history researched.

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Tammy Angier
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