Welcome to Valley County’s Human Resources page!  Valley County is a small County with around 130 employees.  Our employment population is diverse with opportunities in:  law enforcement, detention, heavy equipment operation, mechanics, information technology, legal, and administration.  In short, there is a position for just about anyone!

Valley County welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds.  We especially welcome those who have served our Country honorably in the military.

Our culture is one of community where we all care and look out for each other.  We strive to be a cohesive organization that works together across all departments.  It is the type of culture where life long friends are made!

Valley County follows these four guiding principles:  Service, Transparent, Accountable, Responsive.  What that means is we provide excellent service to our citizens by being transparent, accountable, and responsive.

Now that you are ready to look into a career with Valley County, click on the Career Opportunities button below for all of our open positions.