To Do List:  (Prior to Inspection)

    • Clearly Mark your property lines
    • Post your permit card to be visible from road
    • Post house numbers to be visible from road
    • Keep plans on site at all times
    • Call for inspections 24 hours in advance

Inspection Requirements

Valley county has adopted the 2018 International Residential Code, the 2018 International Building Code, and 2018 International Energy Conservation Code:

Please check with this department regarding any additional inspections before construction.

Request an inspection by calling the Building Department.  24 hour notice is required for all requests.  When you call YOU MUST HAVE your permit number, owner’s name as shown on the application and physical address.  Please leave a phone number where you can be reached.  Inspection requests MAY NOT be made in the field, they must be called into the office.  Our answering machine is on 24 hours a day.


Valley County requires soil/ site inspection before placing forms for footings.  An excavation inspection is required for all projects.
Setbacks/ Information
Location Amount
Front/ Back property line 20 Feet
Side property line 7.5 Feet
Maximum lot cover 35%
Maximum Building Height 35 Feet
Distance between buildings 6 Feet
Bureau of Reclamation 7.5 Feet
High Water Line 30 Feet
From Highway 55 100 Feet

Setbacks are measured from the EAVE of the building to the property line.  Setbacks and construction may also be regulated by subdivision covenants.  The more restrictive is required.  Property lines MUST be clearly marked before the footing inspection.

Footing/ Hole/ Colums/ Pads
This is done after forms are set up, reinforcing is tied in place and before placing concrete.  The property lines must be clearly marked at the time of this inspection.  Pole Structures require hole inspections and masonry inspections are also required if applicable.
Foundation/ Wall
This is done after the forms and reinforcing materials are in place but before placing concrete.
This is done before house wrap or siding is placed.  Wall and roof nailing pattern is required to be checked.
Wood Stove (inserts)
Please note that as of 11-01-17 Valley County Building Department will be inspecting all solid fuel burning factory built fireplaces (inserts).  Permits are required and can be obtained online or at our office.
This is done after roof and wall sheathing, all framing, fire blocking, bracing, draft stops, resistive weather barrier is in place on exterior walls (no siding should be installed), and all pipes (including electrical, plumbing, heating, and gas), chimneys and vents are complete.  This inspection is required before installation is placed but after electrical plumbing, and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) rough ins have been signed off by the state inspectors.  If engineered trusses are used, a copy of the truss manufacturer’s specifications must be given to the inspector at the frame inspection.  Pole sheds with interior finish require a frame inspection prior to cover.
This is done before the interior of structures is covered.

Please note  Insulation installers shall provide a certification listing the type, manufacturer and R-value of insulation installed in each element of the building thermal envelope, as per 2015 International Energy Conservation Code.

This is your last inspection and is done after all code related work has been completed and before occupying the building.  Electrical plumbing, and HVAC final inspections must be complete and approved before the final inspection can be done by the Building Department.  Carpet, linoleum, and paint do not have to be completed before this inspection.
Manufactured Homes
Permanent sets require excavation, footing, foundation, and final inspections; standard sets require excavation, footing, and final inspections.  Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC must be signed off before this department can final the home.  A copy of the Idaho Manufactured Home Installation Standard is available in this office.
Please Note:  Donnelly (208) 325-8619 and McCall (208) 634-7070 Fire Departments check all propane tank installations in their jurisdiction.  They must sign off before the Building Department finals you permit.
Gas Check
The Building Department will not approve a final inspection or issue a certificate of occupancy for any building containing a liquefied petroleum gas fixture or appliance without first receiving evidence that a gas check has been completed and approved by a qualified inspector.  The gas check will include observation of a pressure test and an inspection of gas piping, valves, controls and appurtenances for a safe, complete and workable installation.
HVAC Inspections

HVAC Inspections are required by the state of Idaho.  These are done after all ducts, vents, chimneys, etc. are in place.  Electrical and Plumbing inspections are also required by the state.  Any questions may be directed to the state inspectors at the numbers listed below:

State Inspectors:

Electrical:  Nate – 208-565-6959
HVAC:  Zac Krimsley – 208-271-6883
Plumbing:  Patrick Grove – 208-401-6205


Building Official

Annette Derrick

Building Inspector

Tony Boyd

Permit Technician

Marsha Mead

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