Gas, HVAC, & Propane Tank Inspections

Propane Tank Inspections

Donnelly 208-325-8619 and McCall 208-634-7070 Fire Departments check all propane tank installations in their jurisdiction.  They must sign off before the Building Department finals you permit.

The Building Department will not approve a final inspection or issue a certificate of occupancy for any building containing a liquefied petroleum gas fixture or appliance without first receiving evidence that a gas check has been completed and approved by a qualified inspector.  The gas check will include observation of a pressure test and an inspection of gas piping, valves, controls and appurtenances for a safe, complete and workable installation.

Gas & HVAC Inspections

HVAC Inspections are required by the state of Idaho.  These are done after all ducts, vents, chimneys, etc. are in place.  Electrical and Plumbing inspections are also required by the state.  Any questions may be directed to the state inspectors at the numbers listed below:

State Inspectors:

Electrical:  Kevin Hubble (208) 863-0231
HVAC:  Nick Krasensky (208) 514-6753
Plumbing:  Jason Jamieson (208) 469-0411

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