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Bear Creek / Warm Lake Trail

The trail traverses along the southeast side of Warm Lake.  For mountain bikers the trail is rated intermediate because of its technical nature.  The difficulty however is rewarded with lovely views of the south end of Warm Lake as you head toward Landmark.  The single-track trail is also open to motorcycles. This trail can be ridden out and back or as a longer loop-ride by connecting with FS Road 427 and Forest Highway 22.

Big Creek Summit Trail (Extremely Difficult)

Extremely difficult to follow for the first 1.3 miles because of a faint to non-existent trail tread. The next 1.2 miles has a fair tread with one 0.2 mile section across an open granite slope without a tread. The last 0.6 miles have a patchy trail tread.

Blue Lake Trail (Easy to Moderate)

A short but steep hike to Blue Lake, offering beautiful panoramic views, of Long Valley, Lake Cascade and the lake, from the road before you get to the trailhead.  The trail provides approximately 1.3 miles of easy to moderate hiking.  The tread is single-track with a vertical gain and loss of 549 feet. The lake offers easy shore access for easy access to fishing. From the trailhead, the hike is 1.3 miles to the lake.  When you arrive at the lake, you may want to continue along the trail around the lake for about 3 miles. Part way around the lake is a beautiful little waterfall. The cirque basin shows off spring wildflowers and the trail is open to non-motorized travel only.

Burnt Log / McClure Trailhead

The trailhead for the McClure/ Burntlog trail is near the campground. Check on the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) for non-motorized and motorized trails.  The area is a popular destination for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians.

Campbell Creek Trail (Intermediate)

Offers views of Cascade, the reservoir and the surrounding mountains to the east.

Caton Lake  & Rainbow Lake Trails (Most Difficult)

The first part of Caton Lake trail is the upper portion of Ditch Creek Trail.  Ditch Creek Trail provides access to Rainbow Lake Trail and Caton Lake Trail.  Approximately 0.7 miles from the trailhead, the unsigned 0.3 mile Rainbow Lake Trail splits off to the left. In another 1.8 miles, the trail junctions with the Caton Lake Trail.

Cupp Corral, Dollar Creek Ridge, & North Gold Fork Trail Heads (Difficult)

The Cupp Corral Trailhead is a half-acre signed site with no amenities. Serves Dollar Creek Ridge (#014) and Dollar Creek Way (#114) trails.  Located near Penny Springs Campground.

The Dollar Creek Ridge Trailhead is a half-acre signed site with no amenities. Serves Dollar Creek Ridge (#014) and Dollar Creek Way (#114) trails.  Located near Penny Springs Campground.

The North Gold Fork Trailhead is a signed site with a hitching rack. It serves the Foolhen Way (#001), Dollar Creek Way (#114), Gold Fork North (#162) and North Gold Fork (#225) trails. 

Needles Route Trail - The trail follows a ridge for most of its length providing views of the surrounding area. The trail intersects the Dollar Creek Ridge Trail, 6 miles from its southern trailhead. 

Hennessey Meadows / Riordan Trailhead

The Hennessey Meadows / Riordan Trailhead is a signed site with a hitching rack. Serves the Riordan Lake (#097) and Horse Heaven Meadow (#233) trails

Meadow Creek / Summit Trailhead

The Meadow Creek / Summit Trailhead has no amenities.  It serves Meadow Creek (#073), Summit (#088) and Thunder Mountain (#297) trails. 

Monumental Trail

This trail leaves the Bull Creek Trail just after its junction with the Silver Creek Summit Trail.  The trail is not well maintained and is difficult to locate.

South Fork Gold Fork Trail (Difficult)

The trail is evident at both ends, but not in the middle. If you plan to use this trail, be sure you have the Gold Fork Rock and Sloans Point topography maps, a compass, and the skill to use them.

Tyndall Creek Trail

Tyndall Creek Trail (107) - This is a single-track, 10-mile out and back trail that hits attractive meadows at each end.   

The Tyndall / Vulcan Trailhead is a three-acre site with restroom and 5 dispersed campsites. It serves the Vulcan Hot Springs (#072), Tyndall Creek (#107) and Wewukiye (#252) trails.

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