A favorite “sport” for locals and visitors alike is foraging for local delicacies including morel mushrooms and huckleberries.

There is a short window of opportunity for morel hunters as the weather starts to warm up (typically at the end of May). When collecting, it’s best to use a mesh bag so as you carry your find through the woods, you drop spores along the way for next years’ crop. Be educated about what you are picking because there are poisonous mushrooms out there as well!

Idaho’s official state berries are ripe for the picking from late July into August, so grab some while hiking the area mountains…or head to local restaurants to sample these delicious huckleberries in everything from pancakes to cocktails.

Mushroom Gathering

Boise & Payette National Forest News Release

The Boise & Payette National Forest is announcing the following guidelines for wild mushroom picking this year within the Forests. Following summer wildfires, morel (more-ELL) mushrooms are anticipated to appear in burned areas 2-3 years following the burns. Please use caution in recently burned areas due to stump holes, snags, and loose soil or rocks.

  • Personal Use:  Permits are not required. Harvesters may gather up to 5 gallons of morels or other mushrooms per day for personal use without a permit. There is no age limit on personal use mushroom pickers. Personal use mushrooms may not be sold or bartered to another party.
  • Commercial Use:  Commercial Mushroom permits will not be available this year. Due to the limited size of fires in 2020, and access limitations, the Forest is not issuing commercial permits. Buying permits and buying stations will not be permitted to operate on Forest land.

Huckelberry Picking Information (McCall, Idaho)

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