GIS Maps


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Objectives

  • To leverage spatial solutions and provide GIS tools to support Valley County operations and decision-making.
  • To create and maintain a framework of geographic data and information for internal use and external distribution.
  • To empower County employees and the public to easily obtain information via ONLINE MAPPING SOLUTIONS.
  • To customize and create accurate map products that provide information for Valley County departments and the public.


Locator buttons have been activated for online map applications which allows the user to view their location in the map.

Valley County water recreation reference areas, such as boat ramps, beaches, buoys and lakeside camp sites. Also view Bureau of Reclamation’s wildlife management and no wake zones on Cascade Reservoir. Utilize the location button to see your position in the map.

Search by your location of interest to see general Parcel information and view properties in proximity to Floodplains, Land Management Agency Boundaries and more. Also view properties by Status of Improved, Unimproved or Exempt.

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Search by address, subdivision or instrument number or zoom in to your area of interest. Click on a polygon to view instrument number, book, page and full-sized PDF of recorded Subdivision Plats. Assessor’s Plats coming soon.

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View official delivery zip code boundaries of Valley County. Boundaries have been confirmed and agreed upon by all Valley County postmasters. Search by Address, Owner(s), Mailing Attn. Line or Street.

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View and download current Assessor’s Plats, Property & Improvement Summary Reports, recorded Subdivision Plats, Images and more. Search by Parcel Number, Owner or Address and view Township and Section locations.

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Search by road name or property of interest to view what County Maintenance routes exist in your area. Each road segment is separated and defined by the level of maintenance Valley County is responsible for administering.

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View this story map to learn more about Payette River Basin Water Trails, which are recreational corridors that connect destinations through the use of canoes, rafts, paddle boards, kayaks and other human-powered watercraft.

Find out which taxing districts, voting precinct and tax code area you belong to, as well as view the location of your polling place. Easily search for your name or address and then turn on/off voter and district layers to view boundaries.

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Use this series to help Identify and Report noxious weeds on your property or public lands. Also view the count of noxious weeds by species within certain distances of your home and track current field data collection.

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Groomed snowmobile routes are shown alongside of roads that are plowed by the County. Also view Snowmobile Parking Lots, Warming Huts, Trail Junctions and the last Groom Date of each route when you click on it.

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IT Director

David Crawford

GIS Analyst

Kara Utter

Network Analyst

Jeremy Wilcox

Technical Support/Archival Scanning

Tamara Spargur