Civil Process


I am a Law Enforcement Professional.

I have chosen to spend my career in the
world of Civil Law Enforcement, an area of
the law that is rarely understood or
appreciated by the remainder of the Law
Enforcement Community.

My primary duty is to see that my Sheriff
incurs the least possible liability in
situations that are fraught with liability.
In addition to my primary mission, I will
perform the duties of my job in a
professional and
caring manner.

Per I.C. 31-2207 (8) The Sheriff’s duty is to serve all process and notices in the manner prescribed by law.

Valley County Sheriffs Office serves all types of civil process. We require for all process of service the following:

  • The original and one copy of the document to be served.
  • A letter of instruction stating to whom you want the document served and a physical address for the person you want served. The letter of instruction must be dated and signed.
  • Prepaid fees: cost of service is 20.00 and cost of return is 20.00 per person served.
  • Your name and address: we will need to send you a return of service and receipt.
    At times there will be other documents required. Please call our office for any questions. (208) 382-7150

Legal Advice

The Valley County Sheriff’s Office cannot give legal advice. “Legal advice” means telling a person how to go about court proceedings, filings, ect., speculating what the outcome in a court case would be, advising or recommending one procedure, form or pleading over another, advising what words to put in a form or what to say in court, suggesting what you “should do”, recommending the services of a specific attorney or group of attorneys.

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