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The Valley County Sheriff’s office is located at 107 W. Spring Street behind the courthouse in Cascade, Idaho. We are responsible for police services of nearly 4000 square miles of mostly forested terrain. Our county line starts south at milepost 84.5 on State Highway 55 and ends north at milepost 147.3 and west from West Mountain east to Bear Valley.

The Sheriff’s Office has 14 full time patrol deputies, 3 detectives and 2 administrative supervisors. The administrative support staff includes 4 full time and 1 part time person that handles civil, evidence and licensing within the county. Deputies are also supported by volunteer reserve deputies and Valley County Search and Rescue members.

September of 2017, the City of Cascade contracted with the Valley County Sheriff’s Office to provide law enforcement services to the citizens of Cascade.  This contract provided for the hiring of 3 full time deputies to assist with fullfilling the contract.

Valley County is a popular resort community and as such the population fluctuates greatly, especially during the spring thru fall holiday weekends.Our deputies are involved in many community projects, both with kids and adults.We are involved in a wide range of duties beyond normal calls for service which include: forest patrols, avalanche forecasting, back country search and rescue, marine patrols, ATV and UTV patrols, snowmobile patrols, highway traffic enforcement, civil service, court security and many others.Our deputies currently have over 260 years of combined law enforcement experience to better serve the taxpayers and visitors to Valley County.

General Information
Phone Numbers
(208) 382-5160
Emergencies: Dial 911
107 W Spring Street


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