The Valley County Planning and Zoning Department offers many services and enforces a multitude of ordinances and codes. The Planning and Zoning Department administers and advises on the following:

  • Valley County Code
  • Land Use and Development Ordinance
  • Subdivision Regulations
  • Signage
  • Mobile Home and RV Parks
  • Addressing    (address posting info)
  • Flood Damage Prevention
  • Wellhead Protection
  • Idaho State Statutes

We offer assistance to applicants, and provide zoning information and interpretations to the general public, as well as real estate agents, lawyers, surveyors, engineers, financial institutions, and other professionals.

The Planning and Zoning staff also:

  • Reviews all building permits
  • Assigns addresses
  • Certifies parcel approval for Central District Health applications for septic system permits
  • Handles floodplain determinations for the public and professionals
  • Offers assistance with elevation certifications and map amendments

Our mission is to provide friendly and efficient service to the public and coordinate with other jurisdictions.


Planning and Zoning Director
and Floodplain Coordinator

Cynda Herrick, AICP, CFM
Phone: 208-382-7115
Fax: 208-382-7119

Assistant Planner

Lori Hunter

P & Z Commissioners:

Brian Benton
Ray Cooper

Scott Freeman
Neal Thompson

219 North Main Street
PO Box 1350
Cascade, ID 83611