Contractor sought for Cabarton Slide Ramp Construction

Valley County Parks and Recreation is seeking a licensed Public Works Contractor for the construction of a raft slide ramp at the Cabarton River Access Site this summer. Work must be performed between 7/15 and 10/31/2024. There is a Not To Exceed amount of $34,000 on the project.  Interested parties may can reach out to Dave Bingaman, Valley County Recreation Planner at 208-315-5079 or for more information.

Public Comment Sought in Sheriff and Parks & Recreation Grants - Due by January 22, 2023

CONTACT:     Makenzie Castor (208) 382-7137  


SUBJECT:       Public Notice:  ORMV, RTP, RRBF, WIF Program Grant Applications




Public Notice    


Valley County Parks and Recreation and Sheriff’s Office Seeking Grants – Public Input Sought | Parks and Recreation seeking ORMV, RTP and RRBF Program Grant Funding, Sheriff’s Office Seeking WIF Program Grant Funding


Valley County Parks and Recreation is seeking grant funding from the Off-Road Motor Vehicle Fund (ORMV) to purchase a skid steer and trailer for use at Valley County maintained parking areas and campgrounds. They do not have the equipment to maintain parking lots, trails and campgrounds year-round. Valley County Parks and Recreation is applying for $76,611 from the ORMV program.  


Valley County Parks and Recreation is seeking grant funding from the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) to install a double vault toilet and picnic tables at the Clear Creek Green Space and Picnic Area. The current recreation parking area does not have any facilities. Valley County Parks and Recreation is applying for $80,000 from the RTP program.  


Valley County Parks and Recreation is seeking grant funding from the Recreational Road & Bridge Fund (RRBF) to expand the Gordon Titus Parking Area. The engineer's original design of the parking area accommodated 51 vehicles, currently, it only accommodates 35 and is overflowing. This project will build the parking area out to its original proposed footprint. Valley County Parks and Recreation is applying for $60,000 from the RRBF program.  


Valley County Sheriff’s Office is seeking grant funding from the Waterways Improvement Fund (WIF) to purchase a jet boat enabling them to create a safer boating environment in Valley County. The Sheriff's Office will trade in their current boat and use the funds as a match for the grant. Valley County Sheriff’s Office is applying for $65,000 from the WIF program.  


If you have any comments or questions related to these projects or the applications, please contact Makenzie Castor, Grant Writer, at (208) 382-7137 or   


Deadline for comments is January 22, 2024.

Recreation Advisory Council June Meeting Recap

The Valley County Recreation Advisory Council met on Monday, June 26th, 2023. View the agenda here.

Key discussion points and actions from the meeting include:

  1. VCRAC unanimously passed a motion supporting using a portion of the county’s ARPA funds for recreation by the Valley County Recreation Department, and prepared a letter to the VC Commissioners voicing our support.
  2. VCRAC heard a presentation from the Valley County Pickleball Club regarding pickleball in Valley County and a new set of courts being planned near Lake Fork.
  3. Two members of the VCRAC provided their perspectives and priorities on recreation in Valley County.  These included ensuring maintenance of existing recreational facilities and resources, safety, building on what our area has to offer,  indoor recreation, youth opportunities, and trails and corridors. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 24th at 5:30pm. 

Find meeting agendas, minutes, and staff reports for all Valley County boards and councils here:

Temporary Closure of the Popular Eagle Nest Trail Near Cascade

Cascade, ID – Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) will temporarily close a portion of the Eagle Nest Trail 111 for safety during an upcoming timber harvest on endowment land near Cascade, Idaho.

The Two Face Ton timber harvest is located about five miles northeast of Cascade and the eastern sale boundary runs adjacent to the recreation trail that is popular for motorcyclists, horseback riders, mountain bikers and hikers.

Approximately 4 miles of the trail between the Warm Lake Road and the Eagles Nest-Gold Fork Road 400 will temporarily close from June 19, 2023, through October 1, 2023, but could reopen earlier if the harvest operations finish early.

Signs regarding the closure will be posted at the Eagle Nest 111 Trailhead off Warm Lake Road and at the Junction of the Eagle Nest-Gold Fork Road 400.

The section of the Eagle Nest Trail north of the 400 road will remain open but there will be heavy log truck traffic in the area, caution is needed if accessing the trail from this location.

The Two Face Ton is a select harvest of approximately 2,205,000 board feet of timber worth approximately $353,666, which will benefit Idaho’s public schools. The sale area will be replanted with seedlings and will have some natural regeneration.

Endowment Lands are different than other types of publicly managed land. In accordance with Idaho’s Constitution, it is held in a legal trust for the sole purpose of financially supporting specific beneficiaries, primarily public schools. The Idaho Constitution requires endowment lands to be managed to maximize revenue for the beneficiaries. Last year timber sales statewide brought in more than $77 million dollars of revenue for the beneficiaries. IDL is a careful steward of endowment land ensuring it will be productive and enjoyed for generations to come.

Recreation Advisory Committee Appointed


A nine-person board to advise Valley County on recreation priorities was approved on Monday, February 20, 2023.

County Commissioners appointed five people from McCall, two from Lake Fork, one from Donnelly and one from Cascade to a newly formed Valley County Recreation Advisory Committee.

There were 25 applicants for the board, which will have its first monthly meeting at the end of March, said Valley County recreation planner Dave Bingaman.

“Everyone that applied had great experience and backgrounds,” Bingaman said. “The folks that were selected represent a good cross section of Valley County citizens and a wide range of recreational interests which is what we were looking for.”

The board is tasked with exploring ways to improve recreation access throughout the county and improving infrastructure like toilets, parking and camping areas. Other responsibilities include drafting a strategic plan and identifying property that could be used for recreation.

“We will be prioritizing the recreation department’s list (of priorities) this week and then presenting those to the advisory board when we have our first meeting,” Bingaman said. “We are also looking for projects that the board will bring forward as well.”

Valley County has several advisory committees that make recommendations to county commissioners, including a Waterways Advisory Committee, Snowmobile Advisory Committee, Road Advisory Committee and Fair & Rodeo Board.

The board members and their hometowns are:

• Jim Kulm, Cascade

• Mike Heyer, Donnelly

• Emily Bettin, Lake Fork

• Drew Kirsch, Lake Fork

• Jeff Mousseau, McCall

• Eric Weiseth, McCall

• Cameron Sena, McCall

• April Whitney, McCall

• Shane Hinson, McCall

Valley County applies for four Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation grants

Valley County Parks and Recreation is applying for funding for 4 recreational projects under Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.  

Project one is an application for a commercial lawnmower for campground and recreation site maintenance, the match amount for this grant will come from campground fees collected at Wellington Campground.  This proposal is under the Recreational Vehicle Fund.  

Project two is for funding for improvements at the Brush Creek Parking Lot on Warren Wagon Road.  Improvements being proposed are for a CXT vault toilet, picnic tables, firepits and graded gravel parking areas for campers.  This request for funding is also through the Recreational Vehicle Fund, matching funds are made up of a combination of Resource Advisory Committee funding (RAC), user group cash contributions, and parking fees collected at the Brush Creek site.  

Project 3 is a request for funding under the Recreational Trails Program for improvements at the Cabarton Launch site on the North Fork of the Payette River below Cascade.  Proposed improvements include a boat ramp, an additional raft slide ramp and informational signage.  The match amount for this project will be partially funded by fees collected at the site.   

Project 4 is an overlap on the Cabarton Launch site improvements for funding for the boat ramp only under the Cutthroat Trout license plate program.  This application is a backup plan in case the RTP application is not funded, matching funds will come from user fees collected at the site.  

Pathway Project along Samson Trail to Begin

Valley County Pathways has finalized an agreement with Breckon Land Design to conduct design and engineering work along 2.5 miles of Samson Trail Road to provide more detailed information about the corridor for developing a non-motorized trail.

The Breckon Land Design work will include a detailed land survey, wetlands delineation work and trail cross-sectional drawings.  

Valley County Pathways, a nonprofit trail-advocacy group, is partnering with Valley County to develop a 2.5-mile, non-motorized natural-surface trail from the Payette Middle School going to Pearson Lane. Valley County Pathways is covering the $35,000 cost of the design-engineering work.

Valley County applied for and received a $190,000 grant from the State of Idaho under the Children Pedestrian Safety Program to build the walking/biking pedestrian trail along Samson Trail. The route would provide a walking/biking/running trail for local residents to enjoy close to home, plus it would create a safer commuting corridor into McCall.

But the state grant cannot be used for design-engineering work, just the construction side of the project.

VCP and Valley County would like to share the results of the design-engineering work with Samson Trail residents and the greater McCall community in the mid-winter time frame. VCP and the county will host a community meeting to share the results, answer questions and discuss with homeowners potential locations for the trail project along Samson Trail Road.

The design standard that VCP and the county would like to achieve is similar to the Bear Basin Connector Trail that runs from the western edge of McCall to Bear Basin Road. The natural surface trail would be 5-7 feet wide with a compacted surface.

The trail would be located in the county right of way along Samson Trail Road, between the edge of the pavement and private property.

DMV Service Changes

Cascade DMV: walk-in service Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm. 


Don't want to make a trip to either DMV? There is a lot you can do from home or at alternate locations: 

Via PHONE:  

  • Renew or Request Replacement Registration: (208) 382-7141 | You may renew your registration online, through the mail, or by renewing over the phone with ITD at 208-334-8649. Stickers will be mailed to you. 
  • Insurance Suspensions: (208) 382-7141 | County offices cannot clear insurance suspensions- you must do that directly with ITD. Have your plate number and insurance policy number available. If you also need to renew, ask the agent if they can assist you with renewing over the phone after they lift your suspension.   


  • Register a vehicle purchased from an Idaho Dealer | You can now transfer existing registration and plates or purchase new registration and plates if you have purchased your vehicle from an Idaho dealer online.  
  • Renew Registration  
  • File a Release of Liability  
  • Change your Address  
  • Insurance Suspensions 

RECREATION REGISTRATIONS: Off-Highway, Snowmobile, and Boat Registrations 


Over the phone: 1-888-922-6743 

Local Business Outlets:  


  • Albertsons
  • Ponderosa State Park
  • Mountain Meadows Adventure Rentals
  • Mile High Power Sports 


  • Mountain Meadows Adventure Rentals
  • Stinker Store 


  • Cascade Hardware
  • Lake Cascade State Park Visitors Center
  • Valley Bait & Tackle 


  • North Shore Lodge & Resort

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